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Zoe Powell Best

Zoe Powell is a Designer-Maker of materials and products. She provides research, development, sourcing and prototyping for individuals and companies creating bespoke projects.
She runs workshops in the UK and internationally surrounding material innovation, circular design and community driven projects. using a combination of digital & hand crafted techniques.
The focus of her work is centred around creatively using resources and production facilities. Some of her past projects have included:
> Textile Workshops e.g. MakeFaire, Cockpit Arts
> Bioplastic research workshops for Materiom at British Council, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, MSIChicago, Biennale Saint Etienne.
> Freelance Textiles Sourcing and Supply
> Fashion garment development & production
> Textile Swatch Development
> Hand embroidered textiles
> Woven and traditional Upholstery, Interior & furniture commissions
> Beaded jewellery and accessories

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