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Gitas Portal

Be Bold Win Wear Your Colour - when you feel and look good, you are unstoppable.
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Aislinn F

A Zambian-Irish illustrator whos work puts the power and beauty of black women in its center, and questions Eurocentric concepts of race, femininity …
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Lunar James

Earth-aware jewellery and art brand born out of a deep love for nature
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kim minuti

The rhythm of seasonal change, ash seeds scattered on the ground, dispersed by the wind; find themselves outlining doorways and cracks in pavements.
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'Mapping Azure' out now Reconfigured field recordings, synths, vocals, homemade instruments and loops scaffold or entomb DeSchutter’s Dada-esque w…
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Kimbal makes vibrant abstract paintings on paper and wood. Original works and prints are available from his webshop.
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