Lewisham has been chosen as one of the capital’s first-ever Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) by the Mayor of London as part of a ground-breaking initiative to support artists and creative businesses.


In 2018, Lewisham was successful in winning funds of £50,000 from the Mayor of London to explore the feasibility of setting up a Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) in Lewisham. The Creative Enterprise Zone is a new Mayoral initiative to designate small areas of London where artists and creative businesses can put down roots, be supported and thrive. An action plan was developed to outline how New Cross and Deptford could become a CEZ and how Lewisham Council could best provide support for their creative community. This included included research on how local plans and planning guidance could aid the creative community to thrive through the provision of creative workspaces and affordable living space.

SHAPESLewisham was also initiated, which aims to promote, celebrate and connect the Boroughs’ creative communities through making them visible to both each other and those the wider network. SHAPESLewisham is currently in the process of developing a website which will allow locals to share their work, find affordable workspace, collaborate with others in the area and find and commission work locally.

Please use this link for further information - https://www.london.gov.uk/press-releases/mayoral/mayor-announces-first-creative-enterprise-zones.

Shape your Future 

The vision for the CEZ in New Cross and Deptford aims at better connect and amplify what we have; for creative enterprises to develop stronger roots through affordable and appropriate workspace; and access to the skills, expertise, facilities and connections to our incredible education and cultural institutions. It also requires us to think and do differently, enabling talent from across the Borough to access pathways to participation and then employment in the creative industries; opening up the expertise and facilities of our educational and cultural institutions towards much more purposeful creative knowledge exchange; and testing new types of collaborative practice to ignite the innovation potential of the creative industries.

Why New Cross & Deptford?

New Cross and Deptford is one of London’s fastest growing clusters of creative activity and is a hugely significant centre of creative research, education and entrepreneurship. Anchored by Goldsmiths University of London, Trinity Laban and The Albany, it has an array of distinctive cultural and creative assets stretching across all art-forms and converging commercial, grassroots and social outcomes.