Studio Clown Knowm

From January 25th to February 29th 2020, SET Lewisham will host Andrew Kerr's Studio Clown Knowm; a series of workshops, skill-shares and live events hosted from an exhibition of Andrew's work in various mediums.

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Studio Clown Knowm follows on from work and a way of working developed during Andrew's residency at St. Joseph's Specialist Trust; an autism specialist school and college.

"Over the academic year that I was with St. Joseph’s, I and the pupils I worked with have embraced an approach to making things that is rooted in response; Response to the materials and techniques at hand, response to the environment of the school, grounds and the studio, and most importantly to our own instinct, and to each other.

Rather than come with a set goal, plans gradually come into position, parallels have been drawn, themes noted and followed. This is as true for specific pieces that I made alone, as it is for Clown Knowm as a collection of pieces. The process, and work produced has reveled in uncertainties. “I don’t know what I do, I don’t know what I do” sings Josh, with total confidence, on a recording of the song Red Yix, by Josh and myself in our band of the same name."

Andrew's practice promotes the skill of creative thinking, looking at something in a new way, and applying intuition, as well as inquisitiveness and consideration to the task at hand. He strives to use and show a personal communication between subconscious decision making and the properties of the materials at hand. He uses this approach in a wide range of techniques including hand drawn animation, making sculpture from found objects, constructing instruments, zine making and photocopier art, screen printing, experimental drawing, costume design and punk band Dog Chocolate.
As a freelance Artist/ Educator, he feeds from his own practice to devise and deliver ambitious, engaging and exciting projects focused on building connections with others, with the world around us, and with ourselves.


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