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Singer songwriter Oggie has just released his second independent album Throwback Season which debuted at NO.27 on the iTunes R&B Chart. Currently on tour as a backing singer for THE JACKSONS and fresh from The House & Garage Orchestra tour alongside Kele Le Roc, MC Neat and Sweet Female Attitude, to support the Orchestra’s No.1 Album Garage Classics, which features Oggie on two remakes with MC Neat, Master Blaster and Poison. Oggie spent the last 2 years as part of the Garage Trio UK3, who’s last performance was at Wembley Arena. Previously touring Japan, Korea, Scandinavia, Germany, UK and the London West End stage as a lead in the Michael Jackson Musical ‘Thriller Live’. Thus far Oggie is best known for some killer Garage anthems, European dance tracks and doing backing vocals for Amy Winehouse, Mcfly, and Omar

Brief History
Oggie started out as the voice behind the Garage remake of the classic anthem ‘Follow Me, 2 more self-written songs ‘YOU’ and All I Wanna Do with Ed Case cemented his place as a certified underground UK Artist. YOU was remixed by Agent X and appeared on Ministry Of Sounds Garage Classics 2 album, and All I Wanna Do (DJ SKT Remix) reached no.4 on the 1xtra Garage Chart and stayed in the Top 10 for 8 weeks. Both songs can be found on Oggie’s debut album Undeniable Chemistry After running the music and film showcase night The Soundtrack @ Ronnie Scott, In 2012 Oggie featured on the club Smash hits, ‘Love Like Never Before and We Are The Music with Dino Mileta on Planet Punk Records. Both songs charted in European territories and LLNB in Japan!
Oggie also wrote songs for The Channel 4 Film, Future Wags Of Great Britain, The Park, and Tight Jeans all directed by his Bafta Honoree Award winning sister Destiny Ekaragha.

Oggie’s new Album Throwback Season is, Available on Spotify and Apple Music.


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OGGIE - Bring The Love Back ft Miami Rockz (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Taken from Oggie's Debut Album 'Undeniable Chemistry.

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