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Closing date: 22 Oct


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Case Management Social Worker - Gateway

Organisation: Lewisham Council
Job level: Senior
Type level: Full time

Posted: 14 Oct

Job description

The role:

Lewisham Adults Social Care is changing, we know what good social work looks like and our new restructure is all about creating the right conditions and culture for good practice to thrive. We have an exciting role for a senior practitioner in our newly formed front door team offering more immediate preventative interventions.

We know that talking about what good practice looks like is easy, the challenge is turning our vision into a reality. We understand to achieve our ambitions it requires inspiring leadership, resources, infrastructure and a clear, realistic plan for how to get there.

We need more creative and energetic senior case management social workers to join our teams and help us with this. If our vision connects with you and your way of working, then we are interested in hearing from you.


Laurence House, Catford, SE6 4RU

Key skills

We are looking for Senior Case Management Social Workers who are:

• Enthusiastic and innovative
• Able to demonstrate a commitment to personalisation, strength and asset based practice
• Experienced in applying knowledge regarding the relevant legislation
• Able to supervise junior staff and support strong team performance

Please apply via above link!