SHAPESLewisham is a creative network which was conceived as part of the Creative Enterprise Zone initiative and aims to promote, celebrate and connect the creative community in Lewisham.

Lewisham is home to a vast array of diverse, vibrant and ambitious creatives, existing in many different forms, across many different disciplines. Each project, practitioner and business is unique with their own distinctive personality, offering something special to our local community. From digital and technology, to craft and making, to community and culture, creatives are engaging with important ideas through a variety of different spaces, resources and practices.

SHAPESLewisham was conceived with this diversity at its heart and aims to provide a platform upon which a creative community can thrive. Our ethos seeks to celebrate the individuality of creatives whilst visually connecting them as part of a larger network, movement and community of Lewisham. We believe that together, we are stronger (and happier)!

SHAPESLewisham has built a unique visual language to unite the creative community and communicate the diverse range of projects, practitioners and businesses in the area. The visual language is made up of colourful shapes and symbols, each with unique meanings, which can be used and adapted by the community to join the network and communicate their practice. The visual language explores alternate forms of categorisation and distinction and seeks to progress beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries. Instead, creatives can be distinguished by their beliefs, values and principals, or by their practices, skills and techniques. This unique approach allows for spontaneous discoveries and unexpected collaborations as those traditionally separated by discipline are aligned in other ways, through alternate shapes and forms.

SHAPESLewisham is a growing network and we are continually making new connections with the local creative community. We’re always happy to hear from a local project, practitioner and business, so get in touch, share your work and register your profile with us.