Creative Enterprise Zone

Lewisham has been chosen as one of the capital’s first-ever Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) by the Mayor of London as part of a ground-breaking initiative to support artists and creative businesses.

The creative sector provides one in six jobs in London and is growing faster than any other sector in the UK economy. The Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) initiative aims to provide investment and support for creative businesses in the capital, ensuring that London remains one of the most entrepreneurial and innovative business centres in the world. This new initiative aims to: protect the creative sector across the capital; increase affordable spaces for artists and entrepreneurs, and boost job and training opportunities for local people.

Lewisham was one of 25 boroughs to apply for CEZ funding and was chosen as one of the six winning zones. Our Creative Enterprise Zone aims to better connect and amplify our creative community and support creative businesses to develop stronger roots and more sustainable practices. It considers affordable and appropriate workspace alongside access to the skills, expertise, facilities and connections of our incredible education and cultural institutions and seeks to embed development policies within the local plan and business rates alongside identifying how the council’s existing assets can help the sector to thrive.

We seek to think and do differently: enabling talent from across the Borough to access pathways to participation and then employment in the creative industries; opening up the expertise and facilities of our educational and cultural institutions toward much more purposeful creative knowledge exchange; testing new types of collaborative practice to ignite the innovation potential of the creative industries.

Through close engagement with research, innovation and entrepreneurship provision from Goldsmiths, aligned with our commitment to building sustainable production hubs and exchange platforms which connect our diverse talent base to creative employment, our creative sector can become one of the most innovative and productive in London. If we can better connect the different elements of our creative ecosystem, we have the opportunity to establish our Creative Enterprise Zone as the most compelling education, creative and social milieu in London.