Tuttii Fruittii

Tuttii Fruittii London is an independent Hair Sculptors offering gender neutral cuts and colours for all hair types. In the Deptford based shop they showcase their signature technicolor sculpted hair designs and colour magic.

Tuttii Fruittii

TF LDN is more than a salon, it is a space promoting self empowerment and creative freedom through identity expression. There is no limit here to where you want to take your identity and clients are always made to feel free to share their ideas so their visions can be materialised.

Our ethos is above all things to promote Hair Pride for all genders and hair types. We are an intentional space that wants to spread love and build bridges between worlds that are too often disconnected in this society. We believe that a salon should be a humble space where under represented communities feel comfortable without judgment or prejudice on how they choose to express and experiment with their identity. Healing through transformation, play and creativity is powerful. That is our mission at Tuttii Fruittii London.

“I have created a real energy in the local community here drawing in a great mix of customers and building bridges between different worlds. This diversity is such a rich part of London's culture which needs to be nourished and cherished.”

"We want to be able to share our classic techniques and hair art with lots more people - it doesn’t matter who you are or what your style is, we can find a look to suit everyone.“ TF ’17